Trading live courses. Learn Strategies, Indicators & Psychology of trading

Trading live courses. Learn Strategies, Indicators & Psychology of trading

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What you will get

By the end of courses, you will get a recommendation letter for further job, certificate and an opportunity to be employed quickly as a trader.

Recommendation letter

Recommendation letter from respectable company MaximusFX


Attach our certificate to your portfolio, CV or any web profile. Attract more attention and receive additional trust.

Employment opportunity

Become the part of our team as a professional trader

Client reviews


I’m experienced trader and have good outcomes with this brokerage firm.

Patience Apiafi

Educational class was very insightful, thank you for making me a better trader.

Jerome Shedrack

MaximusFX education improving my financial illiteracy is gradually daily.

Peter Okafor

Without a doubt no academy in Africa beat’s MaximusFX educational services.

Makinde Olumide

MaximumFX training remains one of the best training an aspiring trader can get. This made me one of the best traders.

Nazarene Brainz

If you are headed for greatness, you will need to get connected to the right source. For me Maximus is the right source that has been right connection and system to my Financial Fulfillments.

What you will learn

You will get know of MaximusFX investment tactics and strategies for a particular daytime and use it in best trading software – MetaTrader4. Take an advantage above common sense by learning psychological factors when it comes to trading. Spent your funds and build your portfolio as efficient as possible by learning and practicing capital management skills.


The most reliable trading software nowadays


Get knowledge above raw math and statistics

Capital management

Spread your fund in the most efficient way. Learn when and where to invest


Dive into MaximusFX unique approach when it comes to mindgames

Financial markets

Get know what pairs, futures and commodities you can trade with

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