Safety of funds

Client fund safety

MaximusFX gives extra attention to ensure the safety of all clients’ and investing funds. We guaranty our clients the safety of their funds and timely fulfillment of financial obligations.

Segregation of investment funds

For the security purposes of the investment funds, MaximusFX keeps all clients’ accounts segregated from the company’s bank accounts, with no conflict of interest.

Safety of financial transactions

MaximusFX uses unique security identification methods that identifies the owner of the account with the help of special electronic algorithms, which are chosen during the registration process in the Client Portal. Using one of the most advanced and reliable security identification methods online, we ensure that all financial transactions in the trading account can be carried out solely by its true owner.

Risks control

MaximusFX provides clients with advanced trading platforms and additional services that can be used to automate trading activities, in particular, to avoid negative trading account balance. It is a vital step that will ensure the safety of client’s funds and will eliminate any additional financial obligations in case of the negative balance.

Compensation funds

Additional guarantee in the clients’ fund safety is the company’s participation in the Compensation funds, specifically created to ensure security and client rights in cases where broker is not able to meet its financial obligations.

Cooperation with major banks

MaximusFX always strives to provide best conditions for protection of client’s funds that is why we choose most reliable banks in the world. Currently, the number of banks providing services to MaximusFX includes: RIB Banka (LV), VTB (RUS), Barclays (UK), SHBC (CH), and others. Protection of client’s funds and safety of transactions in the financial markets are amongst most important priorities in MaximusFX. Outstanding reputation of MaximusFX is proven not only by the amount of clients and partners but also by the feedbacks of clients’ community, that highly appreciates the quality of services and absolute reliability of the company.

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