PAMM account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a system that allows trader to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using only one master account.

PAMM system allows investors to improve trading conditions and increase profitability. Managing traders have the opportunity to generate trading volume and increase profitability percentage of the portfolio.

Advantages of PAMM Account

  • Automatic distribution of profits among the investors of PAMM account in proportion to the investment amount.

  • Absence of non-commercial risks: managing trader uses investments only for trading operations and is not able to withdraw or transfer the funds from the managed account. All trading risks are undertaken by the investor.
  • Transparency – MaximusFX provides top of range analytical tools for the investors to analyse and monitor performance statistics of a selected PAMM account, which in turn, aids in the important decision making about the invested capital.
  • Minimum knowledge skills – for the investor, it is not necessary to be familiar with trading in the Forex market. All the investor is required to do, is to select a successful PAMM account, deposit funds and start earning profits.
  • Funds – managing PAMM trader with an excellent trade performance, executes transactions as soon as the investment has been made, receiving high return from the investor’s funds.
  • Easy and convenient management of the investments – withdrawals and deposits of funds from PAMM account can be done at any moment by the investor.
  • Absolute confidentiality – any information about the investor that is not relevant to the investment, remains strictly confidential.

Additional Information: “MaximusFX” is not taking any part in trading on the PAMM accounts as a trader nor as the investor. This given, “MaximusFX” is not involved in managing the PAMM accounts or investmenting in such account. “MaximusFX” is only committed to provide the service exclusively of implementing PAMM system for both investors and traders.


“MaximusFX” offers advanced and effective trading solutions to investors through PAMM accounts. PAMM accounts can generate high income from invested capital and save your personal time: you don’t need to understand how the market works nor invest your time into forex education and trading.

The process works as following: choose a successful trader from our rating list, then provide your PAMM details to your personal manager that will trade on your behalf. All profits earned will go to the investor, “MaximusFX” fees are based solely on the percentage of the remuneration from profits gained.

  • PAMM account gives every investor an unlimited access to the most liquid markets in the world with a daily capital turnover of $5 trillion, additionally allows you to take advantage of many products and services offered by “MaximusFX”.
  • It is easy to oversee the progress and activities of your PAMM account manager with the help of advanced reports, which can be easily used from the “MaximusFX” Client Portal.

  • “MaximusFX” PAMM clients can manage their funds with ease and convenience: increase or reduce the amount of your investment along with profits withdrawals.

  • PAMM accounts bary no limits as compared to a regular bank deposits accounts. Your earnings purely rely on profitable trades performed by your PAMM account manager. Selecting most profitable money manager with well-thought trading strategy that can deliver long-term profitability is the key to the successful trading.

  • Your PAMM account manager is able to execute all traders on your account, nonetheless, our strong and reliable security system prevents the manager to withdraw any funds from your PAMM account.

Invest into pamm now and gain profits on your capital

1. Sign up in “Client Portal” from the “MaximusFX” website and deposit funds to your personal account.

2. Select a PAMM account that offers the most suitable trading conditions and Return on your Investment. (ROI)

3. Please read legal documentation that regulates PAMM services. By investing in PAMM accounts you agree with Terms and conditions for an investor and personal trader.

4. Decide how much to deposit to your PAMM account. The funds will be available immediately in your managed account.

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PAMM for Traders

“MaximusFX” is pleased to offer PAMM accounts to all clients and partners, making trading on multiple trading accounts easy and accurate. “MaximusFX” PAMM account allows traders to increase both their own profits as well as investors’ capital.

PAMM account is essentially the same as “MaximusFX” standard trading account, the only difference being that the trading manager trades simultaneously with his own capital and investors’ funds. Profits and losses on the PAMM account are distributed automatically and in proportion to each investor’s contribution. At the same time, the trading manager is rewarded with an additional percentage on his/her remuneration.

Advantages of PAMM Account

“MaximusFX” PAMM account money management program, gives a high level of stability and security to the trading managers. The program offers following advantages:

Easy Way to Attract Investments: Successful Trading is the best advertising strategy to attract investment capital into your PAMM account. Good trading results of your PAMM account will straight away put you in the higher ranking positions, thus more new potential investors can choose your trading strategy.

Minimum Startup Capital: Trading manager can start offering services with only $20,000, either on one account or as a total sum of multiple accounts.

Trading Flexibility: Trading conditions of the PAMM account are configured by trading manager directly.

Security: Live trades of the trading manager are protected and cannot be copied.

Earnings and Additional Investments: Successful trading with great percentage on the return of the investments will increase your popularity amongst investors, therefore ensuring investment of funds in your PAMM account.

Profits Allocation: While trading with investor’s funds, all earned profits are allocated in proportion to every investor’s deposit capital.

Commission of PAMM Manager: At the end of the trading interval, investor pays trading manager commission, as per terms and conditions of the agreement.

Any client of MaximusFX can become a managing trader at the discretion of the partnership department. For registration and application process, please follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your MaximusFX Client Portal.

2. Send a written request to partnership department at [email protected] with the subject “PAMM account”. You must indicate the specifications of your future PAMM account.

3. SPAMM account. To activate PAMM account you need to have a required amount of funds in your trading account, as per “MaximusFX” requirements.

4. Start trading. After a successful deposit to your personal account and verification by the partnership department, your PAMM account automatically appears in the “MaximuFX” ratings table, where investors can check and monitor your performance, in order to make investment decisions.

If you need help in developing your PAMM account, you can find or invite partners to collaborate in advertising campaigns, analytical support, sales activates, and so on. Any client of “MaximusFX” can become a partner. Commission percentage and conditions depend on the partnership program selected. For more details, please contact your personal account manager or send your request to [email protected]